What Case Scenario?

Once Clockwork Orangutan outlives his usefulness, his impeachment will commence. Such a prolific flood of throat raping policy proposals and vicious budget cuts directed specifically at his base isn’t sustainable even though they’re dumb as sticks. He’ll wreak as much havoc with his name on it before they undermine and ultimately abandon him.

Maybe they’ll let him off with some version of ‘hospitalized for exhaustion’ and fuzzy tabloid type photos of him in a hospital wheel chair will be leaked before they trot out a tragic story of his debilitating stroke and Pence gets sworn in.

One way or another he’ll be out of the White House like shit through a goose.

Then we’re really fucked.

I guarantee it won’t have a goddamn thing to do with the Ruskies hacking, colluding or tampering with our elections in any way. I don’t doubt they tried, but there is no there, there.
Maddow’s breaking bombshell last week was a 12 year old tax return that shows Trump is a typical filthy rich scumbag who took advantage of the same loopholes that all the filthy rich scumbags take advantage of. He paid a higher percentage than Obama. Color me nonplussed.

Probably the most he ever made in a single year. He leaked it.

She Rick Rolled her entire audience. Twitter lit up like a Christmas pinata on the fourth of July with faulty wiring and a belly full of jet fuel.

Awesome ratings and demographics.

She’s long since jumped the shark.

It’s burlesque. Shrill, desperate and I’m over it. Trump is a natural disaster of the human kind. All this glaringly unsubstantiated propaganda is only inoculating him for the next scandal. The media is cheap and lazy for crying this much wolf.

Establishment democrats are predictably complicit. Blowing really hard. They’ll be exhausted by the time there’s a smoking gun. They’re all guilty of the same thing, just check their net worth and lean it against their salaries. Check their voting record on his appointees. Liberals being liberals have made the word liberal into a punchline.

Maddow was live the other night with an entire segment on “The Russian hacking of our elections”. A few nights later she had another segment on “The Russian attack”. Maddow is so unhinged that she’s actually begun blaming Russia for the elaborate social media blitz waged by the Clinton campaign and it’s Super PACS on pro Sanders’ sites last spring . She’s lying. There’s no evidence for any of it and there never will be. Rachel Maddow is fake news. I’d rather hold my breath for evidence of Obama taking over all the microwave ovens in Trump tower.

What I’m saying is that Trump is no more guilty of election fuckery than the Clintons or the DNC. Trump hasn’t indulged in any more financial impropriety with enemies of our state than half of goddamn congress along with the Clinton foundation.  If they dig deep enough the exposure could prove the house of cards is stacked higher than the market will bear.  He’s a poster child for narcissistic personality disorder and that only makes him as bad as the rest of them.

The only difference is that he has no control over his inner asshole.

Media carries the water.  They’ve stopped showing us.  Now they just tell us.  They’ve stopped asking questions and started selling answers. They broadcast a corporate agenda.  The conspiracy here is the $2 billion in free air handed to Trump by the media while conspicuously ignoring the other populist movement drawing crowds twice the size.

And we tuned in.

We’re still tuning in. While the liberal media rubbernecks Russia in American living rooms every goddamn night.  While the hearings this week revealed nothing. While the world burns.

Turn off your fucking television.

There is no there, there.

Drinks for my friends.

The Get Drunk, Pass Out and Wake Up In The Closet Thinking You’re Empowered Party.

Friends and neighbors,

There is no third party. Green is not a political message.  The libertarian message is a callow republican advocacy for selfishness but you get to smoke pot.  Libertarians are assholes and the greens parachute candidates in without doing groundwork, homework or hard work. No structure.  No infrastructure.  No character development. No suspension of disbelief. No reason to give a shit.

Health care is a right.

Education is a right.

They aren’t free.

They aren’t a privilege.

Our taxes should pay for them.

Poorer countries make these two things happen everyday without breaking a sweat. They aren’t subject to the ability of their governments to kill as many people as fast as possible no matter what blood and treasure.

Trump’s message was a lie meant for stupid people but it was simple.

He won.

Simple messages work spectacularly well.

The simplest message ever sold to Americans is that we’re broke.  That we can’t afford to take care of everybody. It’s a lie. We’re the richest country in history.  Cut “defense” spending by 25% and end all corporate welfare.  The last things we need this century are more aircraft carriers, tanks, nukes or tax cuts for people who make as much in an hour as we do in a year. That much money, we could go out on a limb and promise to end homelessness, repair roads and bridges, cure cancer and reunite estranged socks.

If a third party in this country were to devote its entire platform exclusively to the health and education of American citizens at the expense of our ability to make war, me and about 10 million other losers looking for free shit would sign up tomorrow. I know I’m reaching here, but a third party in this country with over ten million members would definitely be cooking with butane.

The party manifesto would be explicit. No Bozos. Neoliberals would be seen as no different than neoconservatives. Nobody capable of communicating the insidious pathogen of greed.  Not one goddamn five thousand dollar suit trading in mass destruction or fear of any kind.  No fucking arms merchants or military contractors.  No fossil fuel jackwagons. Not a single greasy banker, Wall Street goofecock or slimy lobbyist.

I understand I could be splitting the atom here.  Marquee democrats like Warren and Booker would never ever get behind something so audacious.  They wouldn’t be invited anyway.  It’s a threat to their promiscuity.  The champagne wishes and caviar dreams of neoliberals will be compromised.

Enough money can be raised from individual contributors.  The paradigm is shifted.  The worm has turned. Some local hero could drop the hammer tomorrow and become the most prominent force multiplier in American politics within six months.  At least ten million people are waiting for it.

A very simple message.  There is no fear, hate or greed in it.  It’s the kind of message that gets candidates elected.  The kind of party that could be viable in a heart beat.

Drinks for my friends.





I want to tell you a story.

It’s a story because I can’t prove any of it although I believe it to be true.

To be president of the United States of America, a candidate has no choice but to meet with the contemporaneous version of Satan at some humid crossroads in the middle of the night not too far from the Mississippi Delta.

The candidate is made to understand that no matter how successful the campaign is, there is a prerequisite.  Parchment requiring signature. Otherwise, forces with which they cannot contend will throw with all available violence and subterfuge against them. If they somehow prevail in the primary without express consent granted by the signed agreement, people close to them will disappear or worse.

This is exactly why and how the Vietnam war was allowed the horrible claim it has on our memory. JFK wouldn’t sign or chose to abrogate. Bobby Kennedy wasn’t going to honor it if he did. MLK and Malcom X weren’t invited.  All assassinated.

LBJ signed.

Nixon was so anxious to comply, he stained it with flop sweat while scribbling his name.

This story of mine is why we have had all manner of catastrophic trade deals, bottom heavy tax policy, seven wars in the Middle East, a dearth of climate change legislation, bullshit health care, ridiculously expensive education and an army of knuckle dragging morons that have no idea about any of it but slogans and ritual talking points. The dark lord has a powerful public relations arm.

The devil only wades in on social issues when they suit him. He doesn’t give a shit about abortion. He’s not bothered by the Gays or Jews or Mexicans or Blacks. He shares no common ground with Clockwork Orangutan’s base except hyper normalized greed. This Lucifer isn’t a democrat or a republican.

He’s both and neither.

However the division suits him.

Hillary signed deals with anybody sporting horns and cloven hooves ten years ago. She ran out of ink. Clockwork Orangutan was as thick as a porcupine with quills to sign any fucking thing.  He doesn’t give a shit what he signed. He thinks he can sue.

It’s disgusting how many marquee democrats have pens ready, awaiting requests for audience with Beelzebub to be granted.  Just in case.

Obama presided over awful things. The TPP and the Israeli apartheid state. Drone bombing civilians all over the world. The filthy getting filthier while the hopeless got even more hopeless.  I can’t stand that I was suckered by the soaring rhetoric only to end up with a business as usual neoliberal lot manager.

I don’t doubt how dirty his hands are.

So yes, in my story, Obama put pen to paper at the behest of the anti-Christ.

I can’t help but like him.  I like his wife. I can’t be wrong to appreciate these people for their class and composure in the face of vulgar adversity.  To admire them for their grace and discretion.

I can’t stand that Trump’s sons can’t figure out what to do with their hair and weak chin DNA.

I have genuine fondness for Obama and his family.

Does all this make me a hypocrite?

Obama never embarrassed me. He disappointed me. Made me furious. He fucked up plenty. Trump is a silver spoon septuagenarian so simple, he doesn’t understand what the people he’s appointing are supposed to do.  He doesn’t care.

Obama inherited a load that would choke a herd. He is a product of our most revered institutions. His record of accomplishment reads like a primer on the right thing to do in America. His ambition was quiet and steady. One can argue that on paper at least, things are better, not worse.  We didn’t go off the cliff we had one hell of a head of steam for.   He’s patient and fucking smart.

They say all politics is local and all too often, personal.  This is personal to me. It’s not hyperbolic for me to say that the ACA quite possibly saved my life.

I can’t help but believe Obama is a decent human being that did the best he could under the consequences of selling out so forgive me for saying he’s pretty fucking cool.

Trump is a raging dickhead.

One is a man, the other pretends to be.

I guess all I’m doing is pointing out the difference.

The contrast in character.

I miss the days when I knew I was gonna get fucked because some democrat was desperately trying to make out with me.

Now it’s as simple as as watching the news, but the shit show is blinding, and even the “liberal media” is lunging for my junk every goddamn night.

Drinks for my friends.





I want to tell you a story.

It’s a story because I can’t prove any of it although I believe it to be true.

To be president of the United States of America, a candidate has no choice but to meet with the contemporaneous version of Satan at some humid crossroads in the middle of the night not too far from the Mississippi Delta.

The candidate is made to understand that no matter how successful the campaign is, there is a prerequisite. Parchment requiring signature. Otherwise, forces with which they cannot contend will throw with all available violence and subterfuge against them. If they somehow prevail in the primary without express consent granted by the signed agreement, people close to them will disappear or worse.

This is exactly why and how the Vietnam war was allowed the horrible claim it has on our memory. JFK wouldn’t sign or chose to abrogate. Bobby Kennedy wasn’t going to honor it if he did. MLK and Malcom X weren’t invited. All assassinated.

LBJ signed.

Nixon was so anxious to comply, he stained it with flop sweat while scribbling his name.

This story of mine is why we have had all manner of catastrophic trade deals, bottom heavy tax policy, seven wars in the Middle East, a dearth of climate change legislation, bullshit health care, ridiculously expensive education and an army of knuckle dragging morons that have no idea about any of it but slogans and ritual talking points. The dark lord has a powerful public relations arm.

The devil only wades in on social issues when they suit him. He doesn’t give a shit about abortion. He’s not bothered by the Gays or Jews or Mexicans or Blacks. He shares no common ground with Clockwork Orangutan’s base except hyper normalized greed. This Lucifer isn’t a democrat or a republican.

He’s both and neither.

However the division suits him.

Hillary signed deals with anybody sporting horns and cloven hooves ten years ago. She ran out of ink. Clockwork Orangutan was as thick as a porcupine with quills to sign any fucking thing. He doesn’t give a shit what he signed. He thinks he can sue.

It’s disgusting how many marquee democrats have pens ready, awaiting requests for audience with Beelzebub to be granted. Just in case.

Obama presided over awful things. The TPP and the Israeli apartheid state. Drone bombing civilians all over the world. The filthy getting filthier while the hopeless got even more hopeless. I can’t stand that I was suckered by the soaring rhetoric only to end up with a business as usual neoliberal lot manager.

I don’t doubt how dirty his hands are.

So yes, in my story, Obama put pen to paper at the behest of the anti-Christ.

I can’t help but like him. I like his wife. I can’t be wrong to appreciate these people for their class and composure in the face of vulgar adversity. To admire them for their grace and discretion.

I can’t stand that Trump’s sons can’t figure out what to do with their hair and weak chin DNA.

I have genuine fondness for Obama and his family.

Does all this make me a hypocrite?

Obama never embarrassed me. He disappointed me. Made me furious. He fucked up plenty. Trump is a silver spoon septuagenarian so simple, he doesn’t understand what the people he’s appointing are supposed to do. He doesn’t care.

Obama inherited a load that would choke a herd. He is a product of our most revered institutions. His record of accomplishment reads like a primer on the right thing to do in America. His ambition was quiet and steady. One can argue that on paper at least, things are better, not worse. We didn’t go off the cliff we had one hell of a head of steam for. He’s patient and fucking smart.

They say all politics is local and all too often, personal. This is personal to me. It’s not hyperbolic for me to say that the ACA quite possibly saved my life.

I can’t help but believe Obama is a decent human being that did the best he could under the consequences of selling out so forgive me for saying he’s pretty fucking cool.

Trump is a raging dickhead.

One is a man, the other pretends to be.

I guess all I’m doing is pointing out the difference.

The contrast in character.

I miss the days when I knew I was gonna get fucked because some democrat was desperately trying to make out with me.

Now it’s as simple as as watching the news, but the shit show is blinding, and even the “liberal media” is lunging for my junk every goddamn night.

Drinks for my friends.

What Goes Around

After the Twilight Zone mendacity of his presser the other day, I’ll go out on a limb and predict the demise of Clockwork Orangutan. He’s gonna taste his own blood while being dragged under a bus and I can’t wait.

Sweden has been attacked by green bowling balls.

He’s an ignorant prick.

It’s just not sustainable.

This isn’t necessarily good news. Pence will be up to bat and he scares the shit out of me. He’s a neoconservative, evangelical automaton. Where Trump was phoning it in, Pence is a career plutocrat that knows how to thwart forensics and stash bodies.

Dinner will still be served with all the familiar flavor nuances of fucked.  But after Trump, I’m afraid Pence’s lack of inner carnival barker will escape notice by a media inured to anything that doesn’t look, smell and taste like shit.  He’s so much more presidential.

Next in succession is the ever intrepid Paul Ryan.  He’s a sneaky little shit too.  None of these fuckers is going to back down.  They have the courage of their convictions. Sociopathic hypocrisy is the sincere impetus for their righteous indignation.  They will persist at shoveling bodies into engines.  No matter what.

There are way too many cowboys left.

We’re in for a very long night.  When the whole thing melts like a box of crayons at Fukushima, we’re staring down the maw of mayhem orders of magnitude beyond what anybody alive in this country has ever seen.

Housing prices are at bubble levels.  Middle class families can’t afford a median priced house. Interest rates are on the rise so inflation is likely next.  Watch the price of gas.  Labor statistics have always painted a rosier picture.  The lead story here is a massively over-valued market.  Tripling in eight years is far from normal. The numbers reflect not just the money being borrowed, but time.  There’s only so much of each.  The stock market doesn’t help us when it soars, yet it brings us to our knees when it tanks.

It’s just not sustainable.

It could end up every man for himself.  Stash some cash, food and camping supplies.  Make sure your passport is current.  Buy books on hunting and horticulture.  Buy seeds.  Buy some guns I guess because all the mouth breathers have them already.

Or steal a really fast car.  A really expensive one.  Figure out how to rob a bank.  First, figure out how to steal an expensive car.  Either way, get guns and as many explosives as you can.

I’m going full blown sports car, weapons and robbery.

It will be the most epic week of my life.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.  – Hunter S. Thompson.

Donald Trump was the candidate the DNC and Hillary actively promoted.  Hillary was the candidate the DNC forced upon us.  Bernie Sanders was the candidate Hillary and the DNC willfully sabotaged.  All this inevitable chaos courtesy of the democratic party.

How do you like them now?

It’s just not sustainable.

Drinks for my friends.



Senator Warren claims Native American heritage but can’t be bothered to show up at Standing Rock even now that the situation is at its most dire.  Her people and the water supply for 17 million.  She threw her considerable weight behind the candidate that sold out so thoroughly she lost to the worst used car salesman to ever become a celebrity.

She pays requisite lip service to social issues but will sell us out on economic concerns as fast as as any republican.  She already has.  People will die.

Senator Booker, so worried about the safety of prescription drugs manufactured in America and sold from Canada that he votes against people being able to afford them and continue living.   The single largest recipient of campaign cash from big pharma in the senate.

He pays requisite lip service to social issues but will sell us out on economic concerns as fast as as any republican.  He already has already has.  People will die.

All of the sudden these two hogging the limelight with self righteous indignation bucking for management of the hot dog stand in four years and only in play because the media.

It’s getting harder and harder.

Because the media.

The marches after the inauguration were heartening. The angst was as palpable as the conviction was visceral. But exactly what was it about?

Hillary was on some veranda, a Cuban in one hand a Mojito in the other giving it all her most sincere golf clap.

Everybody loves that it happened.

We all feel better.

Because the media.

If there’s a story here, it’s that our media is more responsible for this cotton candy haired pimp than any other goddamn thing and now they’re all about any device at all to destroy the monster they made after raping our eyes, ears and brains with him for two fucking years.

Your friends Rachel Maddow and Bill O’Reilly.  Chris Matthews and Chris Wallace.

Even if we were all to unite against Trump, the 800 pound gorilla would still be shitting the rug in the middle of the living room.

The other day when responding to the statement that Vladimir Putin is a”killer”, Trump said, “What do you think? Our country’s so innocent?”

Liberal media heads exploded like overripe grapes in a pizza oven.

A broken clock is right twice a day.  Clockwork Orangutan is right.  We are, as a whole, worse.  I guarantee you America has killed far more innocent people, civilians, women and children, than Russia or Vlad The Impaler in the last two decades.

So I said so on facebook.

The crowd went wild.  My dipshit “liberal” friends hollered in all caps that I was Putin whisperer.


Republicans are infamous for embracing the absurd and unconscionable as means to obstruct. Asshole hypocrisy is their brand.  Democrats can’t seem to re-vertebrate.  But, there’s no room for slut shaming the first lady.  I don’t care where Barron Trump is on the spectrum.  It’s none of our business.  I don’t give a mad fuck if Clockwork Orangutan paid Boris or Natasha to piss on him in a Moscow hotel room.

It’s all about team. The democrats swear communists are at the door while the republicans are hiding Muslims under our beds.  And the media lies, obfuscates, foments and sensationalizes all the way to the bank.

Let me just spell this out for you.  Democrats versus republicans is your brain on a full hypodermic of media.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Turn off your fucking television.

Drinks for my friends.


He Completes You

Donald Trump is the prototypical, contemporary politician.  Everything we’ve elected for the last thirty years without the statesmanlike patina of giving a shit for the people who would never vote for him or the ones who would vote for him no matter what.

A hideous white man paid for by white people.

It’s done.

White people need to eat this fucking mistake.  It’s time. If we don’t, we’ll all be biting the pillow for eight years instead of four. Establishment democrats need to get busy chowing down on this, they are the brain trust that threw Hillary at every thing except the rust belt and actual voters when it was obvious a goddamn ham sandwich would have prevailed never mind Bernie Sanders.

White people.

You bigots and mouth breathers, you fuckers pay attention too.  A lot of us are counting on you to be able to remember when the Kenyan gave you a shot at socialist health care and a job.

White people.

A four year long teachable moment looms.  Confronting this much darkness might be the gut punch we need. It comes down to the average white person’s threshold for bullshit, pain and hopelessness.  It’s obvious Trump has some special sauce because he fucking won. But if white people turn on him, he’ll shit the bed and make Nixon’s walk of shame look like a Sunday afternoon in the park.

White people might retain power long after we become the minority but we’re fools if we don’t see this as the perfect time with the perfect villain.

We need to change.

Russia, recounts and the electoral college have proven none the antidote.  Blaming everything along with the kitchen sink instead of the shittiest democratic candidate ever and a corrupt DNC is an absolute non-starter because it’s stupid white people shit.

Trump is tilting the pavement under everything.  He’ll have super powers very soon.  The broadsword of executive order.

This Clockwork Orangutan, his cabinet, and advisers must be opposed with all available furious anger. Demonstrated against. Petitioned against. Marched against in the streets.  By white people.  Lots and lots of white people.

It was miserably craven that republicans wished failure on Obama.  They obstructed him because he was black, liberal and a democrat.  In that order.  Still, I want Trump to taste ashes in his mouth wherever he anticipates victory. I want him to be humiliated. Because white privilege and an inheritance does not a leader make.

Because he’s a fucking idiot.

I want him to fail.  But he can’t be allowed to fail us. White people have the power to shove this twitter barking fuck off the high dive into that green scum pond that always collects at the deep end of an off season swimming pool.

He got the job.  He doesn’t deserve it although he did earn it.  He was hired as CEO of America by the same rules as all his predecessors.  Hired overwhelmingly, by white people.  He doesn’t deserve it because he doesn’t care about the job, the workers or the customers. He cares about nothing more than what’s his and how much more he can get. The same pathogen that infects the American oligarchy.

White people did this.

White people can undo it.

Drinks for my friends.

All The King’s Horses

The officially redacted intelligence report was released yesterday.  It didn’t tell us much we didn’t already know and it didn’t offer any evidence for anything.  No commitment on whether anything affected the outcome. A most convenient air sandwich.

John McCain declared the Russian hacking of our election an act of war. Some dipshit on MSNBC actually said the Russians attacked us.  Leaked emails rise to this level of hysteria how?

Nobody hacked anything.

The Russians didn’t change any vote totals or compromise any voting apparatus.  Obama ejects 35 “operatives” and promises more sanctions. The problem with all this is there is zero evidence of anything. No evidence of an actual hack or an attack of anyone, by anyone.

I’m holding my breath for another slam dunk.

There was a leak.  The only entity involved and on record says it came from the DNC.

They swear they know who did it but don’t ask them what they did.

Half of Hillary supporters believe the election itself was hacked by The Russians.  Neoliberal media is intrinsically complicit by way of the war economy because they are owned by five or six corporations invested heavily in the two most profitable rackets in the world.  Death and oil. War Incorporated is giddy.

This time it could be real armies slaughtering each other.

No pesky terrorists.

The last time this kinda shrapnel was loaded into media cannons we ended up in a war with Iraq over something they had nothing to do with and weapons that didn’t exist.  Fake news indeed. A million lives lost over a lie. An entire region of our world ignited and burning out of control fourteen years later.

Last time there was smoke and mirrors with dogs and ponies.  Quite the production with dramatic testimony before congress on live TV.  Nothing more than talking heads and fearless politicians fomenting angsty nostalgia for the red scare this time. That and Iraq didn’t have a gigantic nuclear arsenal but Russia does.

There is that.

She lost but the powers that be are hell bent on having their next big war anyway.

The irony is that Putin and Trump appear to be the only adults in the room and that leads me to believe I’m getting yanked in way I don’t know.  But, I can all but guarantee you that the sum of evidence ever to be released on the matter will be that they can’t tell us what they know or how they know it because it would compromise security and ongoing operations.

Is there any chance, that just this once, we can refuse to be this fucking stupid?  We just can’t resist.  Let us count the ways. 224 years out of 240 at war. The real reason for American exceptionalism.  The longest lasting democracy ever.

Drinks for my friends.

Pretty Hate Machine

Trump won his primary the old fashioned way. Against a bag of hammers, but still.  He won the general by the same rules every candidate has for 250 years. Half of us didn’t vote.  He prevailed with less than one quarter of eligible voters.  Nobody’s fault but ours.


If you think Russia picked your president, you’re worthless.  This sudden shock and righteous indignation over the revelation that some other power is trying to fuck with us is ludicrously naive. We’ve been doing it for decades.  They’ve been doing it to us for decades.  US intelligence agencies engage in election sabotage in any number of countries before, during and after their morning crap.

Show me where they actually hacked the machinery and changed vote totals as opposed having something, somehow, to do with the leaking of some genuine emails that ranged from cryptic to embarrassing, and we have a conversation starter.  Until then, piss up a rope.

On the other hand, how about that democratic primary?

It’s not the knee jerk, faux patriotic contempt for foreign intervention that disgusts me, but the abrupt, convenient faith and consent in the American political corporation.  Depending on what week and what party of course.  Today it’s the republicans who don’t give a shit about the Russians and the democrats who want to burn down the electoral college.

But stand by.

Hold your breath.

What makes Hillary a loser is that she lost to Donald Trump.  The 2.8 million popular vote surplus? We should just let coastal population clusters inside neoliberal bubbles elect our president?   Some serious number didn’t vote for Trump, but against Hillary.  Another serious number voted in quiet desperation.


Things are this bad for this many.

She sucked that much.

He saw it and he closed.

He didn’t bother with New York and California and he lied his ass off.

He won.

Was it a proxy battle between the CIA and the FBI?  Maybe, but it wasn’t the Russians that ate Hillary’s lunch.

Is this euphoric sentimentalism for the good old days of red baiting?  Nationalistic nostalgia for cold war angst that had us investing in bomb shelters and keeping an eye out for pinkos at the corner market? Remember that warm fuzzy feeling you got from the drills, hiding under your desk to keep you safe from the incinerating power of the sun in your backyard?

Good times.

Trump and Putin are gonna compare dicks sooner or later. It won’t go well, they have way too much in common.

The corridors of power throb when the citizenry share a common enemy.  Habeas corpus is extinct and Posse Comitatus was shitcanned eight years ago.  Trump inherits the ability to detain anyone indefinitely and dispatch US military troops against you and me with mere convenience. Meanwhile, he stocks his larder with generals and hawks, flouting the doctrine of civilian leadership for the military.

But there’s commies under your bed.

Is it just me or are those drums distracting?

Drinks for my friends.

Trump Nation

I have every possible understanding of why and how this happened and I still can’t believe it.

President elect Trump was a a cartoon. Wile E. Coyote behind a tie manufactured in some third world country where workers starve and children are raped.

That the cartoon is now three dimensional, isn’t going to hit home until the chronically stupid realize this serial exhibitionist of indecency is lying to them about every fucking thing. How long will that take I wonder. He ain’t going to dance with the ones that brung him.  He’ll whip them the hardest.  It won’t be the cartoon that aims his douchenozzle to hose his base of frightened, desperate bigots while he stocks the hen house with foxes, chicken hawks and vulture capitalists.

It’s begun. As a country we’ve been the asshole on the block for decades. Trump is about to a be an even bigger asshole and the newest carcinogenic sugary breakfast cereal for the great unwashed at the same time.

Clockwork Orangutan’s financial conflicts of interest are a scorching STD.  This emolument issue is gonna be ants in his crotch until he sends a team of specialists to the lab.  Ever seen him squirm on camera?  Now you know.

I’m not gonna pretend I understand all the implications of what wall socket Clockwork Orangutan stuck his fork in with China, Taiwan or the Philippines the other day.  But I know he fucked up and fell on the coffee table in front of everybody. The crowd is all nervous laughter, waiting to see if he broke it because he went down so damn hard.

Bull in a china shop?  Wild boar on acid in a crowded mall?  Well, I know he’s a fucking idiot.  It’s been obvious for at least a decade.

He is upon us.

Am I the only one who wonders about these detailed ads on cable news about neck fat and junk in the chin?

Trump is the ultimate example of failing up.  To the most inept goes the throne. A bad Santa.  More confidence than dumb and spectacularly dumb.

I need that Chia Trump.

There’s always a silver lining, right?  Here it’s Trump’s bumbling, oafish transparency. Every header he takes, every time he steps on his dick, he’s going to do it live on TV and/or Twitter. We’re not going to look up in five years and suddenly realize our president has been wearing a wrestling mask and a giant gold plated strap on the whole time.  Nope, this stumbling mumbling fuck is all about waving his flaccid intellect, his lack of composure, discretion and discipline in front of any recording device available like a goddamn birthday present.

It is said that at least half of us are of average IQ or less.  I guess the law of averages bears that out but how many are actually eating crayons for fiber and watching cable news while drooling some gaudy waterfall of waxy technicolor?

A uniquely American self inflicted wound.

We’re in for a very long night.

Drinks for my friends.

A Clockwork Orangutan

If you think I didn’t support Hillary Clinton because I wanted Donald Trump to win, you’re a fucking moron. If you think my support of Bernie Sanders cost Hillary her destiny, her inevitable and entitled coronation, you’re a fucking idiot. If you think I didn’t support Hillary Clinton because I’m sexist or misogynist, you’re a lamentable and disgusting, intellectually lazy and deliberately disingenuous, pathetic and willfully ignorant dipshit.

Supplicants for Hillary who continue to ignore the how and why of her loss, are less than useless. Agents welcoming not four years of this nightmare, but inviting eight.

Damage that will last for decades.


To ignore history guarantees a specific repetition.

53% of white women voted for Donny small fingers, so there goes your dumbass, sexism argument.

The train is off the tracks and it’s because the DNC ran the wrong goddamn train.  They shoveled black into the engine when they knew the bridge was down, the avalanche had buried the tracks. They opened the throttle wide, and applauded like toy monkeys with cymbals clanging, because the glass ceiling would be rent asunder.  Hillarian sexists made it about gender.

Pious democrat elites, blaming every goddamn thing they can find for the inevitable derailment. Refusing to take responsibility for their own complicity even after the crash. Hills afire and forests ablaze, the faithful standing around, thumbs up asses, screeching all of the above instead of owning that the candidate fucking sucked and it’s the fault of abject party inept.

All sanity and logic sacrificed on the altar of the DNC at Clinton’s behest.

Democrats that lost the the presidency, the house, the senate, the supreme court, most state legislatures and most governorships over the last decade would have us believe it’s because of gender bias, Russians and the FBI.


You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

Now a possible recount in three rust belt states neglected by the democrat corporation because of it’s own echo chamber and hubris.  Even Stein admits she doubts it will change the outcome. What if it did?  A nationwide audit of all states that could serve to expose the fuckery of the Clinton machine?

This is the most jacked up shit I’ve ever seen.  The republican primary was resolute and definitive whether you like it or not.   The democratic primary was a study in the failure of political equity. A blatant disregard for the will of it’s constituents.  Reckless and unconscionable.

The tragedy here is that this shouldn’t have been a contest.  Breathtaking stupidity and arrogance. The Feckless whining of Clintonistas for not being able to hand this vulgar, orange ape-child his ass, is pathetic. The lesser informed called her campaign, “informed pragmatism”.

Remember when paid Clinton trolls got caught spamming Bernie sites with porn and reporting them to facebook right before the NY primary and got them all shut down?

Remember the hundreds of thousands of democrats purged from the voter rolls in all five Burroughs?

Remember when Sarah Silverman told Bernie supporters at the convention, “You’re being ridiculous”?

Drinks for my friends.

No Steps Forward More Steps Back

So Chuck Schumer is in as senate minority leader.  Wall Street trollop and AIPAC waterboy. Nancy Pelosi……establishment queen. Sheezus, fuck me.  Nevermind that democrats just got the shit kicked out of them because the entire electorate just vehemently rejected the kind of crap these sycophants of the gilded serve at the pleasure of.

Goddamnit America.

Like Bernie Sanders and Tim Ryan don’t make more sense in the context of what just happened.  Like Keith Ellison doesn’t make more sense than the big pharma lobbyist Howard Dean.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, little lord Trump grants audience to every establishment GOP hump along with every white nationalist hack.  From a golden throne he presides, pitting traditional party jackasses against paranoid conspiracy enthusiasts from the confines of his eponymous tower, over cage matches of Romanesque proportion and consequence.

The president elect is gleefully forcing insects to fight it out in a jar for positions in his cabinet.  In between these matches, he’s burning ants with a magnifying glass from the ant farm of second string wannabees he’s corralled and collected for entertainment and aggrandizement.

Goddamn America.


I’ll paraphrase Bernie Sanders from the other day. When we elect the least popular candidate to ever run for president and still lose the senate and the house, democrats have a motherfucking problem.

If only James Comey and the entire FBI hadn’t colluded with the Russians and Julian Assange along with Jill Stein and Gary Johnson to thwart the foregone coronation of Hillary by the DNC.

If only.


There’s a glut of democrat smoke signals willing for cooperation with the Trump monarchy.  You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Progressives have but one option in this shit storm. Oppose.  Resist.  With august ferocity.  Not just for the enemy but for democrats who insist this storm isn’t of their of our own device.

There’s a dearth of democratic leaders taking responsibility for all things Hillary and their own shit show.

The democratic party is a parody of itself.  Donald Trump is not is not a republican.  The republican party is a joke.  Trump is the punchline. America is in desperate need of a new political religion.

I volunteer for messiah.  I would run for congress.  My platform would be $174k a year is enough.  I understand the insurance is bomb. For the salary, pension and benefits I’d be more than willing to vote for the people every time.  On every issue.  I wouldn’t take a dime from special interests.  I would be absolutely faithful to my constituents.

I would go so far as to create an online platform for you, my constituents, on every single vote I’m scheduled for and vote according to poll results.

I would rant on the floor with all available impropriety and righteous bluster whenever possible.

I’m gonna need staff for that cool knot in my tie because I have no goddamn idea how to do that.  I’ll need some help with procedures and rules and IT and stuff.  I’ll never leave Washington because I’ll never campaign.

If the people aren’t happy, they can fire me by electing someone else.

If we like each other enough, maybe I’ll run for the senate.

I will take long lunches and sleep in whenever I can.

Otherwise, I’m yours.

What say you?

Drinks for my friends.

Lewd and Lascivious

When shopping for vodka, I usually select the reputable brand in a glass bottle that’s on sale. I learned the hard way about plastic bottle vodka a long time ago.

Man, I didn’t anticipate writing about this one.

This isn’t James Comey’s fault. It’s not the fault of third parties. It’s absolutely not the fault of Bernie supporters.  It’s hardly because of misogyny or sexism. It has little to do with Julian Assange and fuck all to do with Russian intervention.

For a few years now we’ve been ballyhooing the implosion of the republican party.  The democratic party got out over it’s skis and beat them to the punch.  I’m done with this goddamn party. Only Wasserman Schultz and her posse could have choreographed such a spectacular ballet just prior to such a disastrous face plant.

Uneducated white people (men in particular) elected this buffoon for one simple minded reason.  Trump promised an abrupt change from the educated, moneyed elite’s control and economic suppression of their lives for profit. Nevermind that he had no intention of doing any such thing.

He closed.

These people were absolutely correct to see Hillary Clinton as one of those elite and that’s where the DNC throat raped us all.  They engaged in elaborate fuckery to force feed her to us while the one democrat who legitimately represented the actual change that all the voters craved regardless of political ideology or party affiliation built a smart and focused movement of monolithic proportion around that very change right in front of them.

Bernie Sanders’ earnest threat to business as usual scared them more than Donald Trump ever could. The DNC was neither blind or stupid, they were calculating and deliberate because they understood all too well that this man would undermine their avaricious grip on the 99%.  With eyes wide open and hearts black and hardened, the democratic corporation didn’t just sell out democrats, they sold out America.  They knew they’d do just fine in Trump’s fever swamp of ignorance, arrogance and incompetence.

It was crystal clear the people wanted change.  Trump was selling it.  Bernie was selling it.  Hillary was not.  It’s not piling on to point out that she’s scandal ridden, thoroughly lacking in transparency, authenticity and hopelessly unlikable.  It’s not piling on to point out she cost us senate and house opportunities.  It’s not piling on to point that Hillary and friends may have screwed the pooch on the supreme court for at least a generation.

She was the one candidate who could lose to Trump and the DNC knew it.

Now we have a republican senate, a republican congress and a republican fascist president.  A perfect storm.

Our national nightmare begins.

I am horrified.

You should be too.

This was an epic fail.

The Democratic National Corporation committed criminal political malpractice. Party leaders must resign or be executed.  A post mortem is in order and we need a pathologist without his head up his ass.

Drinks for my friends.

*additional reading from 6/12:*  

Fool me once…..updated as of 6/12

A Guest Blog from my friend Tony Pecoraro

* This originally appeared as a post on facebook by my friend Tony Pecoraro.  With his permission, I’m posting it here on my blog simply because it nails, with a visceral honesty and angst,  just about everything I’ve been trying to say for a year.  

Wikileaks has NEVER had to retract something for lack of authenticity, accuracy or truthfulness.  While the singular political establishment along with a cowardly and complicit media shouts from the rooftops about Russian intervention in our election, they NEVER, EVER attempt to even address the substance of the material leaked that my friend Tony is only glancing at here.

I know I promised nothing more political until after this election of dread and I’m confident this doesn’t break that promise because I didn’t write it.  So there.  The subsequent comment is my original one to him on his post.

It’s long but read the whole goddamn thing over lunch if you need to.  There’s hardly a word wasted.  

This one is for you Miles.*    

“It just keeps getting worse peeps.

I’m now reading reports and leaked emails that are showing Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik tipped off Podesta and the Clinton campaign about what was going on at the Department of Justice in order to prep them for the investigation into her email scandal back in 2015. This is after I read emails last night which decisively showed that Clinton’s staff’s immediate reaction to the 2015 NYT article which broke the email scandal was to deliberately destroy the emails in question.

At this point no one has an excuse anymore to not believe that there are multiple important government institutions that are effectively subverted by Clinton allies, or that Clinton herself and the company she keeps have no real respect for the concept of equality under the rule of law. Kadzik is right now one of the top overseers in the investigation of the new Weiner emails. It should be obvious that this is a major conflict of interest which, even if it ISN’T protecting criminal activity from justice, is an enormous undermining of public trust and favor for the Clintons in particular and Democrats in general and for the US government in its entirety.

I don’t want to hear anyone claim the Clintons are not corrupt anymore. I especially don’t want to hear about how Trump is more corrupt despite having never been a public official. And I REALLY don’t want to hear about how my criticism of Clinton makes me sexist or a Trump supporter. At this point all of these arguments are a waste of everyone’s time. Supporting someone who holds the law in contempt is stupid and inexcusable. Both candidates fit that description.

Both candidates do not qualify for public office. Both have demonstrated active contempt for the rule of law, the consent of the governed, and the existential threats facing America today. Both candidates should have to face criminal prosecution without any of their buddies on the opposite side of the court room or wielding the damn gavel.

This alone would be horribly dangerous in a time of political stability, but unless you have been dead for the past, I don’t know, thirty-ish years you don’t have an excuse for not realizing that this is not a time of political stability. In the 50’s – 70’s a scandal like this was enough to help destroy the solidity of the home front during war.

In a context of socioecnomic and political upheaval such as now it represents the ominous threat of potential civil war. The righteous authority of the rule of law cannot continue to be undermined so publicly and without any perceivable benefit to American citizens or consequences for those who violate it while allowing the stability of the government to continue to exist at all.

I want to know at what point are Americans going to realize that the voter base of the opposing political party is not the enemy.

I want to know at what point Americans are going to realize that political parties themselves, both the major dichotomy and the next to irrelevant ‘thirds’, are part of the enemy.

I want to know at what point will Americans realize that the economic powers behind both major parties and an uncomfortable extent of our entire government are the other part of the enemy.

I want to know at what point Americans are going to realize that their own relaxed ethical standards are facilitating their own betrayal by the people who are supposed to represent them.

I want to know at what point are Americans going to abandon these so-called leaders who only see government and power as a tool for exploiting billions of people and finally take responsibility for their own country and their own role in human history and development.

I have said before that I will vote for Clinton to prevent a Trump presidency. This is the moment where a line has been inarguably crossed. I cannot in good conscience put my official favor towards a candidate who seems incapable of being held accountable to the law of the land, who seems incapable of even understanding why accountability is a good thing both for Americans and for herself.

I cannot vote for her and sleep at night. I cannot vote for her and look myself, or those I love, in the eye. I cannot vote for her while honestly believing I am doing the right thing for others or for myself or for the very concept of justified rule under law.

Justice is sacred, not because of hollow tradition, not because of blind circular argument, and certainly not because of political expediency, but because without justice we have no foundation for higher order civilization and sooner or later we’re just another version of the jungle.

I should not have to list the reasons why we are better off out of the jungle.
I categorically refuse to sacrifice my sense of justice simply because I am afraid, either of physical danger or simple criticism.

If you think anyone should I think you are wrong and have a lot to learn.

Do not think that I am not afraid either. We are talking about a president, in either electoral result, who doesn’t respect the law and lacks the respect and trust and consent of the majority of the electorate. Nothing good can come from either candidate aside from their dismissal in four years or their impeachment in less time than that. That’s the BEST possible outcome.

The worst possible outcome is civil war between urban and rural populations, fueled by deep seated economic and political resentment and distrust, the flames fanned by a new generation of murder technology, the violence exacerbated by the logistical tools found in communications technology.

My friends, we are not talking about a series of small militia skirmishes in unknown small towns or federal nature reservations. All the ingredients for civil war lie scattered between the International Boundary and the Rio Grande, between West Quoddy Head, Maine and Cape Alva, Washington. All it needs is someone (or more likely a couple hundred separate someones) with enough motivation and who knows what they are doing before, in the words of Colonel Couvillon, “Our way of life right here is about nine meals from anarchy.”

Over a million people easily could die from violence and starvation in the first year of such an unmitigated catastrophe. No, I am not including in this rough and conservative estimation the cost to human life across the globe that the accompanying economic crash would cause.

So yes I am afraid. We all should be. This is real, this is our country, this is US.

But if ethical standards were meant to be abandoned at the first sight of trouble or danger then there is no point to them in the first place and they represent nothing of value whatsoever. If legal standards were meant to be ignored because they are inconvenient then there is no value to legal authority and the terms “president”, “representative”, “justice”, “officer”, and “general” have no meaning and the entire concept of governance implodes from the internal pressure of its own vacuousness.

Now more than ever before we need to stop seeing our fellow citizens as the enemy, and start seeing the institutions and those wielding them to pit us against each other as the real enemy. Tea Party members and BLM advocates have far more in common with each other than with the vast majority of the leaders who claim to fight for their causes. Same goes for alt-right individualists and hardcore intersectional feminists. Everyone has much to teach everyone else about their struggles under an inhumanely insensate kleptocratic oligarchy.

We can no longer afford to pretend to do right by our nation or ourselves by dehumanizing any point of view from our fellow citizens that opposes us. We have to educate and empower each other under an unyielding faith, yes faith sneering secularists, that we are all in this together and that only as equals under this faith can we cooperate sufficiently to govern ourselves and render political parties entirely obsolete. So long as we don’t believe in the patently obvious, that as humans we share the common goal of fulfilling life for ourselves and those we love and can achieve this more easily and sustainably through cooperation than conflict, then we have lost the struggle for a more perfect union before we start.

I don’t, can’t, care anymore if my presidential vote will get lumped into the “other” category. I also don’t care about any thoughts that I am wasting my vote by refusing to cast it in favor of a candidate that doesn’t believe in the rule of law. Any vote for a candidate that holds the law of the land in contempt is a vote quite literally for a specific version of anarchy or the invitation of total anarchy. Anyone who knowingly votes for such candidate has to acknowledge the personal failure represented by their inability to understand this.

I am pressing the Post button on this status, taking a shower, walking to the early polling station, and writing in on the presidential vote the only name I’ve seen so far that belongs to a person both familiar enough with the political process and passionate enough about the actual problems endured now for decades by American citizens while also continuing to demonstrate a firm understanding of ethical respect both to the law and to us as citizens to have earned my consent for governing: U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders.

By the time I get back I want to see names of people who can help me get something real started: a public super-pac that can fund media, politicians, and policies made by, of, and for the actual public. I hope you understand if you don’t declare yourself as willing and able to assist in this effort, or at least offer constructive criticisms, and I end up ignoring you. We no longer have the time to enjoy the luxury of idle conversation or petty argument. Now is the time to act for our own interests since it should be abundantly clear that no one with official authority has enough interest in doing so for us.

I sincerely hope that it is not too late to fix this.”

The Borg Cometh


Sponsored by the letter A.

In 1983 I graduated from high school and 90% of American media was owned by about 50 companies. By 2011, the same percentage was owned by just 6.  Just over 200 executives controlling the information diet of over 270 million Americans.

We call them corporations now.

Because they are just like people.

So AT&T is poised to buy all of Time Warner.  That means Disney and ABC, ESPN, Pixar, Marvel Studios and Miramax. Also, all of CNN, HBO and of course, Time and Warner Brothers.

Math isn’t my strong suit but I believe that takes it down to 5 or maybe 4.

What we have here is a deliberate failure to communicate. An assassination of accountability. If you’ve ever wondered how it was possible for the majority of Americans to believe the reason for the war in Iraq was WMDs or that Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11 as late as 2005, now you know.

It wasn’t only FOX News kids.

Just recently, a majority of republicans polled were positive that Obama was responsible for the disastrous response to Katrina, even though it happened in 2005.  Three years before Obama took office. America is fighting her longest war in history and nobody is even asking why.  Afghanistan. We’re involved in 6 other conflicts where we bomb and kill innocent people everyday but you never see that shit on the news.

This merger is all over NPR but nary a whiff on any network or cable news channel because they’re already owned by one of the five. When Rachel Maddow says on live television that Bill Clinton didn’t sign NAFTA, I know we’re all but fucked.

Our reality has become so thoroughly owned by our media that most of us would be intellectually and philosophically bereft without it.

I hate AT&T with a vengeance.  I’m on my third cable box in as many months.  They took over Direct TV and the product and service went to shit within weeks. None of the features I pay for work consistently.  I stopped paying them for internet months ago because every evening my DSL performed like a goddamn dial up.

The United States ranks 30th in the world for average internet speed.  We’re behind Romania, Iceland and Bulgaria.  We pay twice as much for half as fast.

My only alternative was Time Warner.  Except now Sauron is fixing to buy Sauraman.  The control of content and distribution will be more comprehensive than ever.  I don’t have a choice for cable or internet.

How is this not a monopoly?

This is macro and micro.

The power of Satan compels you to read “The Master Switch” by Tim Wu.  I’m putting it back within reach of the on suite toilet. Wu coined the term “net neutrality”.  It’s an absolutely fascinating book that details, among other things, the thorough and deliberate evil of AT&T and it’s creepy resurgence as a corporate leviathan.

We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

Drinks for my friends.

*The Phenobarbidolls.  Easily the most eclectic record I ever made. “Fish Lounge”. Named after the common area lounge at A&M with the giant saltwater tank in the wall.  Betsy (her band), slept in the studio for most of the project.  She made tea in the mornings and flirted with me by giving head to a banana in the evenings.  Ropy thick sexual tension.  

The label was Sympathy For The Record Industry which means only Long Gone John ever listened to it.  Brought to you by Studio goddamn C and at least one Neve 8 channel broadcast console in addition to the the 32 input API and STILL only 24 tracks with all manual mixing.  No automation.  

Beautiful ballads and songs like this. My partner Alex had the vision here.  I fucked it all up on this song.  He made the mistake of volunteering to assist Niko Bolas across the hall in Studio A one day and showed up after being chewed up by Little Lord Fauntleroy late one night to wonder out loud what the fuck Michael Whitaker and I had done with this song.  

He said he liked it but I suspect he never forgave me.*   


Only In America

This will be my last missive on this so called campaign.

Indulge my catharsis one last time. I absolutely must get this out of my system.  After this, I swear, nothing but navel gazing, introspective fluff until after the election for which all Americans share a single common denominator.


That such a disgusting pig could prevail fair and square for the presidential nomination from a party that has for so long has wholesaled principle and morality as their trademark, leaves me reeling and numb.

No matter how much bigotry and hatred he foments, no matter how inconsistent and clueless he is regarding matters of policy and issues of import, the great unwashed can’t be bothered.

No matter how bad it gets, despite the daily avalanche of incontrovertible proof, evidence, corroboration and testimony that Donald Trump is some brand of creepy neanderthal preying on women, there are still tens of millions of men and women sucking at the surface of a stagnant lagoon, bleating his defense with self righteous indignation from the maws of wall eyed carp.

Oh, the hypocrisy.

On the other hand, I’m sick and fucking tired of mainstream media’s attempts to shame those of us with a conscience for understanding that Hillary is guilty of way too much of what she stands accused.  I loathe them for trying to sell us the bullshit rationale that we’re too ignorant to distinguish truth from the low brow mendacity manufactured by the right wing ministry of hate.

The “liberal media” does exist and the agency with which they pursue this obfuscation is the same one that labored on her behalf in the democratic primary.  Media yes.  Progressive not.  Neoliberal without a doubt.

That so many democrats allow themselves to take pride in a candidate so obviously flawed as Hillary for being able to best the most despicable and disgusting candidate to ever run for president under the aegis of moral or ethical exceptionalism is baffling.

No matter how inconsistent she’s been on matters of policy and issues of import, self described feminists, fiscal progressives, human rights advocates and environmentalists can’t be bothered to give a shit.

If it wasn’t for the fecal hurricane of Trump, Hillary would be caught hoarding flotation devices and kicking the elderly and infirm out of lifeboats.

Oh, the hypocrisy.

For this, liberals have no excuse.

For fuck’s sake yes, Hillary is the lesser of two evils but I wouldn’t be caught dead celebrating it.

The disgustingly prurient nature of this campaign is exactly what we asked for.  It is absolutely what we wanted.  We couldn’t wait for it.

And now everyone is sickened by it?

Hillary will be our next president and that’s not  a win by any means.

If you’re not ashamed, you’re not paying attention.

Fuck this shit.

Drinks for my friends.

* The Missiles Of October appeared on the schedule one day at the behest of the legendary David Anderle.  Because of the name of the band, I assumed it was yet another punk band.

At that point in my career as an assistant engineer, I’d worked with the best of the best.  The finest musicians money could afford.  By the end of that first day with this band, I realized we were recording and producing musicians, artists, that were more seasoned, more skilled and more in touch with their art and reason for creating than any of the big names I’d ever worked with.

They were easily fifteen years older than us but unburdened by fame and somehow we earned their trust and and confidence.  

The first time I ever recorded a tuba.  

Together we made one of the best records I ever had anything to do with.  I am as proud of this record as anything my name ever went on.  I love every man who played on it.*

A Tale of Two Cities

I need a shower and an IV of morphine.

Regardless of what Bill Clinton did or didn’t do, it’s all already been litigated so it was politically nose blind and lasciviously tawdry for Trump to stage a pregame as an empty attempt pretend he’s not a sexist fucking pig.

Then there was the “debate”.

Trump was boorish, cheap, uninformed and full of shit.  Hillary was poised, polished and full of shit. They nailed each other on completely legitimate lies and transgressions. Neither one of them willing to answer for their flops and faceplants.   They were both successful at exposing each other for what shitty candidates they are.

He lied far more than she did but only because she’s a pro and knows better.

I’m disgusted.

We had a candidate that both these cartoons were far more afraid of than each other.  Bernie Sanders was an emulsifying, degreasing, detergent who was morally and ethically capable of running the laundry.

And that is exactly why he’s no longer around.

The debate sucked at sucking.  It was boring.  Trump was creepy but that wasn’t boring.  He was onerous.  It was just so pedestrian.  Yet Trump was pedestrian.  Like I said, he was creepy.  I just realized he’s the biggest reason I watched.  Still, it was boring.

It’s historic.

That’s why I love hated watched it.

Because it’s historic.

Drinks for my friends.

They call me a troll

I’m a Trump supporter.

Not really, I just play one on the internet.

I have a social media troll account with just over a thousand “friends”.  I’m not really sure why I do it.  I keep asking myself.

It’s awe inspiring what ignorant Americans are willing to believe and regurgitate.  My sport is calling them on it.  Rubbing their faces in it.  More often than not they get frustrated and resort to calling me a “libtard” or a communist or worse.  Faggot, cocksucker or they threaten to drive or fly to me so they can kick my ass.

They actually ask for my address.

I tell them I’ll meet them by the bike racks at recess.

Maybe I’m being cruel.  They can’t help it.  They don’t know how stupid they are. But often they aren’t really stupid, just willfully ignorant.  They are never ever able to actually support their claims with facts or credible sources.



Maybe it’s because I’m profoundly disgusted by the intellectual laziness and spontaneous gullibility. Because they’re bigots and confirmation bias is a chronic and pervasive disease among them. They propagate the the most obtuse and offensive tin foil hat bullshit because deep down they want desperately to believe it so they can sleep uninterrupted by a conscience infected with pathogens of racism, hate and fear.

It can’t be an easy existence.  Fraught with self doubt.  The nagging misgiving that everything you believe is complete crap.  It is what fuels them.  They have been mocked by so many for so long, they cannot afford the possibility that it just might be true.

These dumbfucks aren’t interested in policy or issues.  They don’t give a shit if he’s exactly the demon they’ve been indoctrinated to loathe.  It’s very, very scary because there could be sixty million of them. Think about that. They adore him but they don’t know why.  They hate Hillary and Obama but they do not know why.  If you ask them, they cannot answer.

Hello Dunning-Kruger.

So what we have here is a pissed off horde of maybe sixty million single cell organisms that care about nothing more than their second amendment rights who drive, reproduce and vote.

I interact with these low information voters everyday and they are proud of their ignorance.  They have nothing but disdain for anyone who aspires to be well informed.

What panics me is their numbers and by virtue of that, how much they are in the way. That this race is within five points should have you shitting like a goose.  He won’t win this election but the damage is done.

Obama nailed it the other day when he said there was a straight line between Palin and Trump.

We have way too many dumb motherfuckers in America.  No matter who wins the election we are in serious trouble here.  Our media is feckless, reckless and unaccountable.  Our system for electing people to represent us is so broken and corrupt there is no hope of repairing it.

Archaic and obsolete.

This our mess.

It is our fault.

That this is even a contest means that at least half of the American mouth is rotting.  Our breath stinks. Our friends are beginning to wonder because we don’t smile anymore.  The world sees the tin of Altoids in our suit pocket.  The bottle of mouthwash in our ass pocket.

We are in pain.

Horrible pain.

Drinks for my friends.

* The last record I ever made.  Mastered at Capitol Records.  I learned the night we mastered it that an old friend was very sick.  Not much later, I learned he died of mad cow disease.  I was 34 or 35.  His wake was a huge party.  All my old friends from the business.  I love the guitar riff here.  We recorded it at a studio called The Sandbox.  We were always able to get good sounds out of this shithole.  We mixed it at Mad Dog owned by Dusty Wakeman and managed by my old boss Mark Harvey who died just a few years later of complications from drug abuse.*


I watched the debate tonight, oh boy……

I don’t give a mad fuck anymore.

What I saw was two of the weakest and most flawed candidates ever beating the shit out of each other as often as not over completely legitimate issues. Yeah, there was rampant prevarication, hyperbole and unmitigated bullshit.

But the truths were just as damning.

Because they are both merely awful.

Trump admitted she had lots of experience but said it was all bad experience, he nailed it.  He crucified her on her emails but I can’t believe he didn’t mention her paid speeches to the institutions that licked us in the front and poked us in the rear.

Hillary sledgehammered him on his taxes. She killed that.  She gutted him on misogyny and racism.

None of it matters.

I hate the sonafabitch, but his callow petulance worked. He counted on the ignorance and stupidity of the average American and was well served by it.  Of course he was all about the non sequitur and scattershot mendacity but I’m watching the MSNBC post game and they have no idea what just happened.  They simply don’t understand the short attention span theater.

They are cooing over her.

All he had to do was establish dominance for the first thirty minutes until his base nodded off and began to drool. He knew he could coast and attack at will after that because he had nothing to lose.

His strength is in her vulnerability.  In the context of political judo, his belt was black and hers was yellow.  He did not lose a single vote tonight and that makes him a winner.  This media beauty pageant will not change a single mind. The polls won’t change by more than a point.

I’m in absolute awe over the focus on his truthfulness.  Why or how this matters is beyond me.  He lies so much it no longer matters when he’s telling the truth.  This resonates with millions of Americans and enabled him to lay waste to a prolific field of republican losers.

This wasn’t a debate.

The media stumble over themselves like keystone cops investigating the wrong crime.  They refuse to admit how much she actually sucks.

I don’t blame the republicans for nominating Trump.  They’re bigoted dickheads and he’s their champion.  A clear winner.  I absolutely blame the DNC for foisting such a deplorably shitty candidate on us.

I’ll eventually be more sanguine about a Hillary presidency because I will be relieved when this jackass blowhard loses by virtue of being such an asshole.  He will lose.  He deserves to lose.  The mouth breathing bigots who support him deserve to get their asses handed to them.

And the rest of us deserve a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Kill my landlord.

Drinks for my friends.

* A very cool song by The Ape Hangers.  I waded in on the arrangement on this song and changed the coda because it was a hook.  The easiest record I ever made with a band of very merry men.  We made it over the Christmas holiday in ’94 I think.  Maybe it was ’95.  They gave me one of those huge hollow candy canes filled with miniature, name brand airline booze bottles and a copy of “Leg Show” magazine as a present.  The main rhythm guitar is a Moserite through a Vox AC30.  I’ll never forget thinking I could help by changing the strings and the goddamn guitar fell apart in my lap because the neck and body were held together by the goddamn strings.*  

Media Matters

I’m a black and white TV survivor. I remember the appearance of microwave ovens. They called them radar ranges. I worked in a record store when CDs first came out in those long boxes so they could stick up in an album bin.

I was a flaming youth.

I’m pretty grateful for the digital age, but I lament the millions of once potentially crazy people that are now full blown nuts. People can find purchase and solace for the most absurd shit they can possibly imagine on the internet.

Technology has lent itself to the random ability of individuals to create their own little world. Impenetrable bubbles of custom fit ideology and singular paranoia that are immune to reality. I doubt Ronald Reagan was a pedophile, but search online for “Reagan pedophile” and you may start to believe it.

It’s nothing new. It’s just more efficient. There’s all manner of seductive gossip dominating the interwebs. Used to be we had to generate all that gossip ourselves or at least maintain a group of like minded, three dimensional friends that did. And watch the same television as those friends and hate the same people.

Thanks to digital technology, there’s no need to even try anymore.  We can now fear the Sasquatch while living in rural Texas without ever discussing it with our actual neighbors.  What’s worse, we can send our neighbors links to our crap and get them sitting on the porch, armed to the teeth after midnight too.

The digital age coincides pretty much with our second guilded age but it’s not coincidental.  The last one was about a hundred years ago. Back when they had to burn a lot more calories to fool the stupid.  The stupid had to burn a lot more calories to stay stupid.  They had newspapers back then but barely any radio.  Back then people traveled for miles to be bullshitted.

Now it’s just too goddamn easy.  The alt right movement learned to make and use primitive tools.  Insipid memes and empty headed slogans. The neoliberal left barks and points but can seldom answer a serious question. All the goddamn whack jobs are way too happy and feeling way too tolerated and complacent.

The antidote is youth.  It always has been.  Nascent generations have always had the potential to inoculate the masses against our worse intentions and inclinations.  They have yet to suffer our burdens and hard earned biases. They enjoy the shortest path to objectivity.

They aren’t excited about either one of these loser candidates and it’s no wonder.  The millennials have always had the ability to extract the salient and germane from the steady flow of information that is suddenly a maelstrom.

I’ve always been anxious for the generations before mine to die off so the backward ass notions and elaborate prejudice they host are buried with them.  They’ve been drunk from the cocktail of right wing radio and cable news for decades.  Now I’m confronted with my own generation lapsing into the same twisted and archaic nonsense because that cocktail has been spiked with a search engine Mickey.  My generation’s aptitude for bigotry and hate has a new force multiplier.   The harmless and fresh faced from my high school now mean spirited and ugly.  Stupid racist, redneck hypocrites. Jackasses accusing everyone of blaming everyone while they languish and blame everyone.

They know the Google.  They don’t understand that the algorithms feed them every page they want to read when it comes to Michelle is a tranny or Obama is a communist Muslim Kenyan socialist homo.  Mine is the first generation to be humiliated by the digital age.

Because we don’t read but we like pictures with captions.

We are a cautionary tale.  The archetype of what’s wrong with instant gratification media.  Everybody else is doing it but we are the first generation to be fooled by it.  I would go as far as to posit that my generation is most culpable for pissing in the pool of online information.  We are smoking our own shit.

Someone once said that it is far easier to fool a man than it is to convince him he’s been fooled.

Drinks for my friends.

*Agnes Gooch again.  Yup.  Compare and contrast to my last blog with an acoustic song by the same band recorded and mixed in entirely different venues .  This one is all Studio C A&M Recording Studios with the power and punch of the best sounding rock and roll console I’ve ever worked on.  The little 32 input API.  The tracking room was a closet no bigger than your average apartment living room.  

My goal was the biggest goddamn wall of guitars you’ve ever heard.

We put the mix to bed on a Saturday night with the intention of putting up another mix Sunday morning.

Ordinarily if the band had any minor tweaks, they would phone them in and I’d run some alternates and they would show up late afternoon the next day for the middle of the next mix in progress. I arrived at the studio the next morning and band was already there.

They wanted it “louder”.

Up is louder.  I made it louder.*



Post Apacolyptic

What keeps me awake at night is what happens when the wicked witch of the hand wringers kicks the orangutan’s teeth in. Of course the polls are tightening. Still, it’s all over but the shouting.

It’s complicated. Obama did elevate the discourse on racism by the simple virtue of being black. There is no action without an equal and opposite reaction. No good deed goes unpublished.  The ugly people have gotten all empowered by dog whistle politics cresting at high tide for the lowest common denominator. The dumbasses are more confident than ever thanks to the bellicose bigotry of The Donald.

Now we have this giant group of mouth breathers that feel entitled. They’ve never paid attention to shit and they’re not about to start. But when the short fingered vulgarian loses, there will be conflagrations of extraordinary magnitude. Gawd help us all. There’s a fine line between clever and stupid and these people have never even contemplated it.

I have a social media troll page and these people are dumb as fucking sticks and genuinely scary.  They can’t type a cogent sentence and they wear all caps like cheap cologne.  They don’t give a shit about policy or issues, they are all about the hate. Trump won’t lose his army of useful dipshits.  They aren’t going anywhere and they are weird and pissed off.

Throngs of them will show up carrying openly in the days and weeks after the election.  The indignant vitriol will be as vulgar as it is ubiquitous. They will be hostile and prideful. Buy them a beer and shake their hand.  Hit them in the face with the mug you bought if they get surly or obstreperous, take the gun and go home.  Wait a couple weeks before you visit the pawn shop.  Use the money to buy your kid a nice present.

They will not go quietly.  They would vote for Putin if they could. Trump has succeeded at gathering the absolute dumbest motherfuckers in America into one intellectually bankrupt cage.  I’ve seen this kind of dumb before and so have you.

They don’t have hobbies.

They are addicted to rage.

They will begin by screeching voter fraud.  The collective spittle flung from their angry maws will produce spontaneous rainbows everywhere.  They will insist that illegals and dead people voted prolifically because there aren’t enough bigoted old white men left in America to put Trump over the deficit of minority and female disgust. It’s a mathematical impossibility. A basket of deplorables indeed.  Absolutely clinging to God and guns because nationalism has long since replaced their patriotism.

There aren’t enough FEMA camps.  It’s not like they can be retrained.  Maybe we could release all the non violent brown people from prison and replace them with the army of Trump acolytes.  Put all these people back on the street, let ’em vote, put the mouth breathers in jail and candidates like Trump would find the the path a lot steeper.

I think I’m onto something.

Drinks for my friends.

*Third song from Agnes Gooch.  They were assholes but they could play and write.  We did this at a place called Grand Master.  Walking distance from Club Lingerie.  Across the street from Chandara.  Behind a Jack In The Box on Sunset.  We were all nervous for a day.

It was a dump.  

They had some decent mics, a completely hammered vintage Neve console and brilliant sounding rooms.  I tracked it there and mixed it at Mad Dog.  I have never used the sound of a room like I used the sound of these rooms in this recording.  I’m not sure what kind of voodoo there was but this recording is one of my best.

Turn it up goddamnit.      


To Protect and Serve

Trump gave a speech on law and order a week or so ago.  Apparently, there’s no problem at all with culturally systemic racism in any of our roughly eighteen thousand police departments.  Apparently, the problem is a war on police led by the president.


This coming from a man who boasted he could prove the president isn’t a citizen.  A man who said “There’s my African American” about the only black male in a sea of white on a campaign stop.

There were fewer police killed under Obama’s administration than any two term president in our lifetime.

The killing of twelve year old  Tamir Rice in Cleveland Ohio. A cop that should should never have been allowed to carry a badge or a gun killed a boy with a toy gun within less than three seconds of rolling up.


A cop in Ferguson Missouri empties his entire clip into an unarmed teenager from a distance, without any knowledge he committed any crime other than jaywalking.  The culturally systemic record of racism for this municipality extracting revenue from it’s poorest and blackest is appalling.  The DOJ’s report was as explicit as it was scathing.


Dashcam video of Laquan McDonald, walking away, not even running, unarmed, shot sixteen times in the back even after he fell to the ground by an officer on scene for less than thirty seconds in Chicago.  Surrounded by other cops. It took a year for the video to be released and charges to be filed.


I could go on and on and on.

So far, no convictions for murder.

There are shitty cops.

Way too much of this now on video to arrive at any conclusion other than we have a systemic problem inside the culture of too many of eighteen thousand American police departments.

There’s no video of Catholic priests raping children but most of us realize it’s huge goddamn problem.

Black people are pissed and scared and white people are scared and pissed and this is why. Jackasses like Trump shamelessly exploit the systemic culture of racism within most of our police departments that once made white people great.

White people have never been great.

Minorities all over this country aren’t afforded the benefit of the doubt by police yet it was never predicated on that benefit of doubt being afforded to police by the citizenry. See, cops are necessarily supposed to be above that shit. It sucks but it’s clearly part of the job description.

A requisite.

Criminals are inherently shitty.

The militarization is fucking spooky. Police are supposed to do the best they can to make people feel safe as opposed to threatened. What I see is cops festooned with firepower lethal enough to take out an entire town, confronting unarmed American protesters. We are still at a point where it’s irresponsible to trust a cop if you’re brown or black in any metropolitan area of America and more so in rural ones.

This isn’t a binary issue. For or against cops. Innocent people are being murdered by cops.

Violent crime in America is at an historic low, but we’ve got more people in jail than ever.  Disproportionately black or brown men. A robust for profit prison industry with a voracious appetite.

Just about all violent crime against white people is committed by white people.  Just about all violent crime committed by black and brown people is against black or brown people. They aren’t interested in fucking with white people because  the hammer of law enforcement that never ends up in their favor.


We have one candidate who exploits that fear and one who helped create it.

There will never be justice for white men in America until there is justice for black men.  As long as the traditional role for police in America is to protect and serve the elites and the wealthy,  white men will be sucked into this more and more because class warfare has assimilated race warfare.

Sooner rather than later, unarmed white men will start getting shot and eventually it will be Vietnam all over again.

The war will end.

Drinks for my friends.

*The second offering from Rat Bat Blue.  It’s appropriate in a non sequitur kind of way.  If you listen to this on cheesy computer speakers, you’re doing yourself a disservice  because the bass guitar is more than relevant.  It’s a pop song with blistering jazz chops and that’s how I fell in love with this band.  They could fucking play and by the way, the drummer is a chick.  I know that sounds sexist but fuck you because you assumed she’s a dude automatically.  The song exemplifies musical discretion.  Restraint.  There is no virtuosity for the sake thereof here.  They respected the silence between the notes as much as the notes they played.   It was this band that afforded me the time and patience to make it sound like it did in my head.  I never charged them a dime but occasionally there was a wad of bills on the console at the end of the gig.  I am grateful.*




Spiderman for President

So I posted a blog last week where I said I’d vote for Hillary.

It wasn’t easy.

I’ve been called a pussy, a faggot, a misogynist, seriously, a misogynist a coward, a traitor and a post op transsexual.  A Hillbot named Lisa Lindo, managed to disable one of my facebook accounts.   Two years, two thousand contacts.  Gone.  This after I’d already made it clear I intended vote for her favorite vagina.

Math. Bernie won’t run third party, you can’t write him in unless he consents to be a write in candidate and he’s not going to. The democratic primary was a carnival of deception and swindling fuckery.

Jill Stein doesn’t stand a chance.

Gary Johnson has stupid hair and he’s just a republican running for a different, greedy, racist party.

The fact that we’ve been cornered into making this choice leaves me furious now and desperate later. Barring any charges or indictments by our dickless criminal justice system, the corporate vixen is predetermined to be the only choice we have for battling the power in legislative and judicial corridors.

I don’t imagine it going well, but still.

I’m changing my vote to Spiderman.

Because Trump looks more like a democratic plant every day.  That he isn’t capable of any modicum of self control at all while competing for leader of the free world has begun to mess with my suspension of disbelief. The republican donor class infuses Hillary with cash. Surrogates of his primary competitors fill her coffers. He trips over his dick to be ever more offensive and moronic.  It gets harder and harder to believe that anyone who’s managed to get this close to the presidency is so lacking in discretion or humility.

He has virtually no ground game, just one field office in the most important swing state of Florida.  Campaign collateral in the form of signs, stickers etc. are all but unavailable.  He swings his dick with seismic vigor but won’t stop doubling down on flat earth stupidity.

His is a history of king hell blowhardism and sociopathic arrogance but something more is at work here.  I don’t recall him ever being as petulantly unhinged.  I’ve only watched a single season of reality television in my life and it was The Apprentice about a decade ago.  His personae on that show was docile relative to the toxically disordered personality on stage for this campaign.

Barely into the general and he’s whining about election fraud despite having won his party’s nomination equitably. He constantly threatens to bail on the RNC. He’s telegraphing excuses for losing by a landslide.  Methinks he doth protest too much.

What is most instructive here is Trump’s adamant refusal to actually campaign on Hillary’s loathsome performance as secretary of state and her record as a public servant in general.  There is so much “there” there, that willfully ignoring it all in favor of obtuse slogans and callow, incredulous lies is either breathtakingly stupid or a calculation to ensure an historic electoral ass beating.

I don’t believe such an orchestrated effort has ever been undertaken to convince me that a fascist, narcissistic dickhead is so much worse than a neoliberal, warmongering plutocrat.

Until now, I never would have imagined such a concerted offensive by the key holders to the universe to distract the American voter from the issues so salient and the policies so germane.

Drinks for my friends.


*This is the second song I’ve posted from the band “Missiles Of October”.  The interesting thing about is that it’s the mix I had up on the console to cut the lead vocal and therefore not a mix at all.   Right off the floor, No effects, no EQ, no compression and no fader moves straight to DAT.  It is completely raw and we never intended for a version like this to see the light of day.  We eventually re-cut the song at a studio in Laguna Beach because they changed the arrangement and added more of a shuffle beat.  The other version turned out really well and it’s the version we finished for the record, but we decided to stick this little gem at the end of the record as a sort of ghost track, unlisted in the liner notes, as was popular back in the day.*  


A Public Service Announcement

I watched the democratic convention.

It made the RNC look Fisher Price.

At least Trump won his nomination fair and square.

I adore the first lady.

Her composure and grace always give me pause.  “I wake up every morning in a house built by slaves”.  Damn.

President Obama was magical. Easily the most talented politician I have ever seen.

They spoke glowingly of a woman who would be president. They spoke admiringly of a candidate who is the the most corrupt, the least popular, the most hated, to ever run for president of the United States of America as a democrat.

The truth is awful.

They lied.

They were so good at it I felt like crying.

And then Hillary spoke. Her cadence and style are a belt sander to my sensibilities.  She hit all the right notes.  There was plenty of red meat but it was absent the protein of honesty and sincerity.

The democratic party has become a parody of itself at the very least.  The virus of neoliberlalism has proven to be as prolific as it is virulent.  Nobody seems interested in a vaccine.

A gigantic asshole that could have easily been defeated by a ham fucking sandwich is in contest because the candidate who could have wiped the electoral map with him was marginalized by the DNC and the media while we were throat raped by Hillary Clinton’s coronation.

The choice forced upon us is fucking is dumb.  I have never felt so cornered as a voter.  The Wicked Witch versus Fuckface Von Clownstick.

Maybe she’ll be indicted or arrested, gawd knows there’s enough there.  The problem  isn’t quantity but quality.  And not a lack thereof.  Her shit may just be too big to fail.

So here’s what I’ve decided.

I’m going to change my party affiliation to Green.  But I’m not going to vote for Jill Stein because she doesn’t have a chance. At a certain point, pragmatism informs my cynicism. I will ignore my gag reflex, hold my nose, vote for Hillary and come home to shower.

I will shit hammer the Clinton administration every goddamn week for my humble little platform. I will beat that meat like it owes me money.  Hillary Clinton is about to face unprecedented obstructionism from the left.

My conscience tells me this is the best move I can make.

I refuse to suffer anyone, one way or another for voting one way or the other.

I can’t cover the sun with just my hand.

Drinks for my friends.

*The band is Down By Law from the very first record I ever produced recorded and mixed “Punkrockacademyfightsong” on Epitaph.  One day after finishing some demos I did with them, lead singer Dave Smalley told me I was going to produce his next record and six months later he called to ask me if I was ready.  As records go it went pretty smooth but I was wreck nonetheless, doubting myself the whole way and melting down here and there.  And I managed to meet one of my few brothers from another mother and maintain a long distance bromance with the young drummer Hunter Oswald to this day.  He stole laminated Waffle House menus for me without me asking because he just knew how bad I wanted them.  I am proud of this record.*




Enough Is Enough

So we don’t know if the truck driver in Nice was a jihadist or not.

It doesn’t matter for the reasons you think it does because truth is hard.

Western policy regarding terrorism is shit ridiculous. Our own president won’t even admit to the number of civilian deaths from our drones in half a dozen countries.

Americans have no idea.

We give more money to Israel in “foreign aid” than to all other countries combined.  We support genocide and the illegal occupation of Palestine. More than just tacit approval of an apartheid state.  We inject tons of cash.  We sponsor it “bigly”.  It’s disgusting.

Israel is a moral liability.  The whole region is on fire because we give so much money to them that their college and health care is free while we pay for them to subjugate and enslave an entire people because of ethnicity and/or religious affiliation.  If we just stopped doing that, things would be better in a heartbeat.

America could not be further from righteousness here.

The 24 hour news cycle spins and twists and pines over this tragedy and utterly fails to attempt the right questions. On one side there is an ignorant orangutan calling for the banning of people based on their religious affiliation and on the other we have a would be world leader who never met a war she didn’t adore fomenting for the military industrial complex because that’s her goddamn base.

Palestine has no army, no air force and no navy.

Our long history of intervention is a case study in clusterfuck.

The solution is as elegant as it is simple.  Leave them the fuck alone.  There is zero chance of solving any of this centuries old bullshit militarily.  It makes it goddamn exponentially worse.  Every time, it makes it worse.  We’ll save shit loads of money and lives but there will be no profit for once.

It only goes on because it’s profitable.

And, newsflash, foreign terrorists are hardly an existential threat.  Your chances of being gunned down by a toddler with a gun are far greater.

But we are greedy and they are petroleum product flush beyond belief.  The answer here is simple too.  We are absolutely capable of a power grid dependent almost entirely upon renewable resources.  We are there.  If you believe otherwise, you are gullible.  Developmentally challenged.  Probably a climate denier.

Here’s an idea, take the money we spend to allow Israel to be the biggest dick in the middle east and spend it on our own people who no have access to health care, a decent education or a not so stupid hair cut.

They don’t hate us for our religion, our way of life or our freedom.  They don’t give a mad fuck about any of that. They hate us because we won’t stop fucking with them.  All we have to do is stop.  What we do now is ridiculous anyway.  Battling mosquitoes with machine guns. Ant colonies with tomahawk missiles.  Killing as many innocents as enemies.  We keep spending more and more on the ability to annihilate whole countries when that hasn’t been the problem for decades.

Goddamn this is stupid.

Binary thinking.  Conservatives versus liberals.  Democrats versus republicans.  Socialists versus capitalists.  Islam versus Christianity.  Girls versus boys.

It has to end immediately.

Or it goes on forever.

Drinks for my friends.

*This band was called Number 9.  The whole project was a nightmare.  I recorded some of it, mixed all of it and produced none of it.  The producer was a semi famous songwriter who sat to my right and constructed masks out of track sheets and gear templates so that when I finally looked at him he was full on mocking me with one of my own cigarettes in his mouth.  We were in some cheap ass studio in Chatsworth and this was my best effort.  I couldn’t get any crisp or crunch out of the weird McNeve console.  The label still owes me $800. It’s crazy to me that I did this for a living for almost 15 years.  Goddamn I was good at it. This one is for you Risk Hataway.*





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